From clips and clamps to turnbuckles and lifting beams, Mid-America Rigging is the one-stop shop for all your lifting and rigging hardware needs.

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  • Turnbuckles



Turnbuckles are constructed with a long sleeve with internal screw threads that accept a variety of fittings used to pull anchor points closer together or push them apart by turning the turnbuckle body. Turnbuckles can be manufactured in galvanized hardware or stainless hardware. We carry the full line of turnbuckle types including Jaw & Jaw, Eye & Eye, Hook & Hook, Eye & Jaw, and Hook & Eye.


The snatch block is one of today’s most widely used types of blocks. As generally applied, its title refers to that group of intermittent-service blocks which quickly attaches and “snatch” or moves loads over relatively short distances. This is opposed to long lifts and continuous service for which crane and construction blocks are designed.

McKissick® Oilfield Servicing Blocks

New design provides the dependability of standard McKissick® Snatch Blocks along with features that make it perfect for the challenging needs of Tugger Hoist and Tower Erection applications.


Mid-America Rigging offers a wide variety of alloy hooks for use as bottom fittings on alloy chain slings, wire rope slings, and synthetic web slings to reach and secure most any load’s pickpoint. Whether you need a sling hook, self-locking hook, foundry hook, or container lifting hook, Mid-America has you covered. Our most popular hooks are featured here, or you can browse the extensive interactive online catalog and search through a selection of Crosby hooks, fittings, and other accessories. Contact us and one of our industry professionals can help you find the best hook for your assembly or application.


If you’re in a bind, let Mid-America Rigging help you out. We stock a variety of Lever Type, Claw Hook, and Ratchet Type Load Binders from the nation’s top manufacturers. Below are some of our most popular Load Binders or you may contact us for additional types, sizes and availability.

  • Lever Type Load Binder
  • Claw Hook Load Binder
  • Ratchet Type Load Binder

Plate Clamps

Plate clamps are intended to assist with the lifting of steel plate or other sheet material. In the course of fabrication, plate clamps are typically utilized in pairs, particularly for oversized materials. Plate clamps encompass two key types: vertical plate clamps and horizontal plate clamps. Universal plate lifting clamps are also available, these offer a mixture of both lifting varieties. Plate clamps are available in heavy duty models, high grip models, hinged models as well as twin clamp models, all intended for particular forms of lifting.

Master Links

To support a wide range of end-user applications, Mid-America Rigging carries a wide range of Grade 80 & Grade 100 alloy steel master links. The master link is joined to alloy steel chain slings using G-Link connectors, SK connectors, and BL connectors. Our master links are made using the most modern technology.


Mid-America Rigging offers one of the most complete lineups of shackles available from the most trusted names in the industry. Our stock Carbon Shackles offer extremely high Working Load Limits, consistently exhibiting more strength than other alloy shackles of the same nominal section size. Our most popular shackle is the Bolt Type Anchor but we maintain a complete stock of both screw pin and bolt type style.