Mid-America Rigging is home for all your rigging and heavy lift needs. Whether it’s our Grade 80 or Grade 100 alloy chain slings, wire rope slings, pendant lines, or synthetic flat web or round slings, we have you covered with our extensive inventory, custom sling fabrication capabilities, and a wide variety of rigging hardware available.

Mid-America Rigging has an online asset tracking system for your slings. This is a great way to manage your slings by being able to remotely access proof testing certificates, inspection results, certificates of compliance, as well as easy reordering. Please ask one of our product advisors about using RFID technology on your lifting products.

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Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Slings

All of our wire rope slings are crafted right here in the heartland using only the highest-quality, American-made rope. We’ve matched the science of design with skillful and experienced execution to bring you some of the most well-crafted wire rope slings around.

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Eight Part Body

Eight-Part Body

Eight-part braided slings are flexible and can snug up tightly around the load in choker hitches. They also offer outstanding handling characteristics, particularly in the larger rated capacities. When loaded, stress distributes to all rope parts in the sling body due to the helical manner in which ropes are laid together.

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A grommet is a special type of sling which forms a continuous loop. Grommets have a wire rope body made up of six strands which are laid helically around a strand core. Either a handsplice or a mechanical splice then forms an endless sling body. The minimum circumference of the sling is 96 times the grommet’s body diameter.

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Chain Sling

Chain Slings

Chain slings are made from high-strength alloy steel made specifically for the lifting industry. They have numerous configurations and end fittings. Standard slings are available in two grades of steel: Grade 80 and Grade 100. Chain slings are the most rugged slings available. 

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Flat Web Sling

Flat Web Slings

To meet growing demands, the start of 2012 marked the opening of Mid-America’s new Synthetics Center. The fully operational division is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, research and testing of nylon and polyester web slings, synthetic ropes and polyester and high-performance roundslings.

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Polyester Roundslings

Roundslings offer the user the ultimate in lifting security and rigging ease. They are constructed from a continuous loop of 100% polyester fibers. Every roundsling is covered with a double polyester woven jacket to protect the load-bearing fibers from damage.

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