Wire Rope Slings

All of our wire rope slings are crafted right here in the heartland using only the highest-quality, American-made rope. We’ve matched the science of design with skillful and experienced execution to bring you some of the most well-crafted wire rope slings around.

Engineering wire rope slings for your application is a highly specialized field – with exacting standards – that we have been dedicated to for three generations. Mid-America’s slings meet or exceed industry standards and your most exacting specifications. We apply thorough design and production controls. Our traceability process tracks every component through completion of the assembly and into the field.

A wire rope sling is constructed when eyes are formed using the flemish eye splice. Ends are then secured by pressing a carbon steel sleeve over the strands of the splice. The pull is directly along the centerline of the rope and eye. Committed to serving the oil & gas and crane & rigging industries, we also offer a full line of specialty wire rope gear.