Certified Rigging Inspections

Mid America has assembled an elite team of industry professionals that have a combined 40 years of on-site, hands-on rigging gear inspections. Lead by some of the only officially certified personnel in the region, we are ready to bring you up to compliance and keep you there.

From inspecting your chain, wire rope, and synthetic web slings, to rebuilding or recertification—safety is our highest priority. Mid America offers you the extensive repair and certification services that minimize disruptions and ensures your equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.

Following your on-site inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive report as well as maintain the same for our records. We can then relay inspection due date reminders and schedule service times to ensure your equipment is completely certified, your company completely compliant, and your staff completely safe.

You may now even review or print our ASME or OSHA Quick Reference Guide to assist our customers in proper rigging practices and Sling Inspection & Removal Criteria.

certified rigging inspections