Synthetic Ropes

In conjunction with the inauguration of our highly anticipated Web Center, Mid-America has staffed synthetics specialists dedicated to synthetic ropes and the design, fabrication and testing of their assemblies. Some of our stock rope specifications are listed below and include 3-Strand Nylon, POLYDAC, Stable Braid, Polypropylene, Sisal, Manila and Sash Cord. Contact us for your custom synthetic rope assembly needs or inquire about our specialized manufacturing of synthetic:

  • Tag Lines
  • Winch Lines
  • Bridle Lines

You may also view our rigging hardware for a variety of hooks, master links and other fittings and attachments. Our most popular synthetic rope attachments are the Double Locking Ladder Hooks, Double Locking Lanyard Hooks, 1.5 Ton Alloy Hooks, and Snap Hooks. These are also available in a Swivel.


Stable Braid

Stable braid synthethic ropes provide high wear and heat resistance. They have excellent flex-fatigue service life, firm flexibility, low working elongation, and sizes above 5/8” have a Pro-Gard marine finish and conform to U.S. Military specification #MILKTL-24677.

This is a good choice for the following applications: traction winch tow lines, constant tension winch mooring
lines, secondary mooring lines, and deep water anchoring or lifting lines.

3-Strand Nylon

Strongest rope available, over twice as strong as manila. Plied yarn construction. Highest grade of nylon yarns used in the cordage industry. Regular lay (medium) construction means ease in splicing nylon rope. Heat set yarns minimize shrink and helps nylon rope maintain its lay. High elasticity for energy absorption, but caution must be exercised due to high recoil and breakpoint of nylon rope. Flexible high abrasion resistance, can be stored wet. Is not affected by mildew, oil, grease, gasoline, marine growth or most chemicals.


The best properties of two comparable fibers, polypropylene and polyester, create a very high-strength, light-weight and competitively priced rope. Polypropylene provides a highstrength, light weight core while the polyester covered yarns provide excellent resistance to abrasion and UV degradation, which extends the service life of the rope. POLYDAC ropes are not subject to deterioration by petroleum products and most chemicals. It will not rot or mildew and 2” (51mm) diameter and larger ropes will float.


Manila rope is the traditional three-strand rope. Made from natural fiber, which means that it is environmentally friendly. No stretch, holds knots well, and will absorb water. Manila is subject to rot and is not recommended for use where personal safety is at risk; however, Manila rope is great for general industrial applications.