Flat Web Slings

To meet growing demands, the start of 2012 was marked with the opening of their new Synthetics Center.  The new state-of-the-art facility is their second added structure in the last two years.  The fully operational division is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, research and testing of nylon and polyester web slings, synthetic ropes and polyester and high performance round slings.

Mid America is dedicated to providing you the highest quality synthetic slings available.  Nylon flat web slings have become increasingly popular in large part due to their ease of handling and light weight, given their incredible strength.  Nylon has a strength to weight ratio five times greater than steel.  The light weight of nylon slings requires minimal effort when making adjustments, transporting and storing your rigging gear.  Under heavy load, nylon slings will absorb shock and return to their original shape after release.  Nylon slings stretch about 6-8% at working load while polyester is approximately 3% at working load.  This combination of stretch and strength is beneficial for repeated lifting situations and tie-downs.  Unlike chain and wire rope slings, nylon's smooth surface offers riggers an effective solution when lifting delicate loads.  Together with its flexibility, nylon slings provide a firm grip that will compliment the load without abrading.  The nylon sling is everything wire rope and chain isn't, making it quite a desirable alternative.

We're proud of our products and the quality of every component is a reflection of that. That is why we are giving you the FIRST® Sling ID- the high performance sling identification that is simply unequaled. The best part- it comes standard on EVERY nylon and polyester flat web sling we make.                                                                                                 

★  Top grade construction - heavy-duty 9800 lb webbing only, Made in USA

★   Most durable & professional sling identification available, fully customizable

  Superior quality - exceeding WSTDA and ASME B30.9 standards 



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