Pendant Lines

SPELTER SOCKETS                         



Spelter Sockets★  SPELTER SOCKETS 

•  Manufactured from Molten Zinc

  Use for Boom Pendants, Guylines, Raising Lines, Backstays, Lifting Bridles and More

  5:1 Design Factor used to establish Rated Capacities

Offered in both poured (spelter) sockets and mechanically swaged sockets.  Molten zinc is the standard socketing material, however, an epoxy socketing material can be specified. Both have the same Rated Capacity. Steel forgings are used on rope sizes 1/2” through 1-1/2” and cast steel fittings are used for larger sizes. Rope sizes larger than 4” are available on special order. The assembly lengths are measured from the centerline point of the pin for open sockets and the bearing point for closed sockets.

Spelter Sockets - Main Working Load Limit Chart






Swaged,sockets are mechanically pressed onto the rope using special dies. With the correct fitting design and fabrication, swaged sockets develop 100% of the rope's strength. Normally, only regular lay rope is used. Swaged assemblies are interchangeable with spelter sockets up through 2" rope diameter. Assembly length is measured from center line of pins for both open and closed sockets