Wire Rope Slings

All of our wire rope slings are crafted right here in the heartland using only the highest quality American-made rope.  We've matched science of design with skillful and experienced execution to bring you some of the most well-crafted wire rope slings around.

Engineering wire rope slings for your application is a highly specialized field – with exacting standards – that we have been dedicated to for three generations.  Mid America's slings meet or exceed industry standards and your most exacting specifications. We apply thorough design and production controls.  Our traceability process tracks every component through completion of the assembly and into the field.

A wire rope sling is constructed when eyes are formed using the flemish eye splice. Ends are then secured by pressing a carbon steel sleeve over the ends of the strands of the splice. Pull is directly along the centerline of rope and eye.  Committed to serving the oil & gas and crane & rigging industries, we also offer a full line of specialty wire rope gear. 

  • Wire Rope Slings
  • Bridle Slings
  • Eight-Part Braided Slings
  • High Capacity Low Headroom Grommets

 Pendant Lines

  • Swaged Sockets
  • Spelter Sockets



Click on a chart below to view our Single Leg and Multi Leg Wire Rope Slings, Endless Wire Rope Slings or Grommets, Braided Slings and Pendant Lines!

★  Eight Part Body

•  High flexibility and snug around loads

•  Helically laid ropes for even stress distribution

•  Design improves friction to grip loads

•  Round

Eight-part braided slings are flexible and can snug up tightly around the load in choker hitches. They also offer outstanding handling characteristics, particularly in the larger rated capacities. When loaded, stress distributes to all rope parts in the sling body due to the helical manner in which ropes are laid together.

Braided slings are formed by continuously plaiting, or braiding, several ropes together to form the sling body and both eyes in a single fabrication operation. Ends of the individual ropes are usually hand-tucked or mechanically spliced into the component ropes of the body. The eyes are wrapped and given a rubberized coating. Braided slings are often selected when loads must either be turned or maneuvered since the sling design creates friction to grip loads.

High flexibility is achieved by braiding, or plaiting, one or more wire ropes to form a fabric for the sling body. Component ropes run continuously through the body and eyes with ends handtucked into sling body or secured with pressed sleeves. The eight-part sling is round 


  Forms a continuous loop sling

  Available in a wire rope or six strand body

  Mechanical or hand spliced connections

  Rope-laid grommets also available

A grommet is a special type of sling which forms a continuous loop. Grommets either have a wire rope body or a body made up of six strands which are laid helically around a strand core. Either a hand-splice or a mechanical splice then forms an endless sling body. The minimum circumference of the sling is 96 times the grommet’s body diameter.




Spelter Sockets★  SPELTER SOCKETS

•  Manufactured from Molten Zinc

•  Use for Boom Pendants, Guylines, Raising Lines, Backstays, 

   Lifting Bridles and More

  5:1 Design Factor used to establish Rated Capacities

Offered in both poured (spelter) sockets and mechanically swaged sockets.  Molten zinc is the standard socketing material, however, an epoxy socketing material can be specified. Both have the same Rated Capacity. Steel forgings are used on rope sizes 1/2” through 1-1/2” and cast steel fittings are used for larger sizes. Rope sizes larger than 4” are available on special order. The assembly lengths are measured from the centerline point of the pin for open sockets and the bearing point for closed sockets.

Spelter Sockets - Main Working Load Limit Chart






Swaged,sockets are mechanically pressed onto the rope using special dies. With the correct fitting design and fabrication, swaged sockets develop 100% of the rope's strength. Normally, only regular lay rope is used. Swaged assemblies are interchangeable with spelter sockets up through 2" rope diameter. Assembly length is measured from center line of pins for both open and closed sockets