High Performance Inspectable Roundslings™

FHPZ High Performance Roundslings supply riggers with a consistent and reliable visual inspection. FIRST® – Full Inspection RoundSling Technology® – slings with a transparent Clear Cover® make inspection of the load bearing core yarns a reality. Inspectable® roundslings weigh less than an opaque sling of the same rated capacity. The breathable construction of the cover allows these slings to dry faster with improved resistance to mildew and rotting. FHPZ’s are repairable but eliminate unnecessary and costly repairs due to unreliable indicators. The Inspectable Roundsling®, a True Advancement in Lifting Safety.

Polyester Roundslings

Roundslings offer the user the ultimate in lifting security and rigging ease.  They are constructed from a continous loop of 100% polyester fiber.                                                                                                                                                          
Every traditional roundsling is covered with a double polyester woven jacket to protect the load-bearing fibers from damage. Because the load-bearing fibers never come in contact with the load, they are protected from cuts, abrasions and ultraviolet degradation.


  • Reduce cost with less total rigging weight
  • Easy handling and storage
  • Reduce risk of back and hand injuries
  • Cover abrasion will not reduce capacity
  • Provides a strong grip on loads
  • Provides a tighter choke with an easier release
  • Capacities are color coded
  • Also offered in our CLEAR COVER™- allowing for a visual inspection of the load bearing core!  The FIRST® INSPECTABLE POLYESTER and HIGH PERFORMANCE ROUNDSLING product line is ONLY AVAILABLE at MID-AMERICA RIGGING.