Plate Clamps

Plate clamps are intended to assist with the lifting of steel plate or other sheet material.  In the course of fabrication, plate clamps are typically utilized in pairs, particularly for oversized materials. Plate clamps encompass two key types: vertical plate clamps and horizontal plate clamps, though universal plate lifting clamps are also available which offer a mixture of both lifting varieties. Plate clamps are available in heavy duty models, high grip models, hinged models as well as twin clamp models, all intended for particular forms of lifting. The majority of plate lifting clamps contain teeth on their jaws that bite into the material leaving marks; however, we can supply models without teeth, non-marking plate clamps.  These do not leave any marks whatsoever which may be vital in some applications.  

Below is a list of our featured Plate Clamps.  Need help deciding on which one would be best suited for your application?  Let our industry experts find the right one for you, contact us today.