Oil & Gas

Dedicated to Oklahoma's oil & gas industry for three generations, Mid America manufacturers and provides all of the specialized rigging essential to any rig site. Not only does the company boast products that are second to none, but they are devoted to their exceptional service, perceptive to the magnitude of your site's day-to-day operation and to the potential consequences that could follow any obstacle you are faced with in the field. Rest assured that your rigging solutions are always a phone call away.

Explore some of Mid America's exclusive rigging gear or Contact one of our rigging specialists to assist in finding you the best equipment for your job.

Ask for Custom Oilfield Products:

  • Mast Raising Lines
  • Air Hoist Lines
  • Drill Lines
  • Tubing Lines
  • Geronimo Lines
  • Breakout Cables
  • Derrick Climb Safety Cables
  • Derrick Bridles 
  • Pipe Pulling Chain Slings
  • Fall Protection Items
  • Safety Hooks
  • Tong Snub lines
  • High Pressure Safety Cables
  • Well Head Chain Sling
  • BOP Slings
  • Single Leg Sliding
  • Choker Pipe Sling
  • Sandline
  • Slickline
  • Swabline
  • Becket Block/Equalizing Sheave
  • DBI Sala SRL
  • Hose Hobble
  • Fist Grip